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Meet the Team

Swickard Team photo

The Team

At the Swickard Agency, we are dedicated to providing the best insurance protection at the most reasonable price to as many people as possible. This is all made possible by our incredible team.


Pictured: Andrea Marquez, Administrative Assistant; Stephanie Amaro, Agent; Nicole McWilliams, Agent; Joanne Suttle, Agent. 


Nicole McWilliams

Nicole McWilliams is a lifelong NM resident. She lives, works and plays in Roswell with her husband and three children. Nicole received her agent license in 2007 and enjoys assisting clients/friends with their health insurance needs.


Joanne Suttle

Joanne Suttle was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. Joanne and her husband, Jim, first visited Roswell on their honeymoon (I know, right?!?) and were drawn to it from the start. Several years later they moved to Roswell and  have lived there for the past 24 years. Together they have raised three beautiful daughters.

Joanne began working at the Swickard Agency in May of 2011.  She started out as a part-time receptionist and now serves as a health insurance agent and office manager.


Stephanie Amaro

Stephanie Amaro was born and raised in Roswell, NM.  She and her husband have two boys and are active members of their church.  Stephanie began working for the Swickard Agency after receiving her license in 2013. 

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