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Group Health Insurance

An employer group can be defined as low as one owner plus spouse. Health insurance is a benefit that can attract the best employees who will become an asset to your business. There are many avenues an employer can take to provide a great benefit to their employees. The Swickard Agency will help you compare and find the group plan that works for your company.

Listed below are some of the benefits we can help you offer:

  • Health/Medical

  • Life and Accidental Death

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Long Term and/or Short Term Disability

  • Long Term Care


What are Voluntary Benefits?

Voluntary benefits, often referred to as Worksite Marketing products can be any type of additional benefit that is added to an employer’s menu of benefit options. These benefits may be provided through insurance products that can be classified as either core products or ancillary products.

Core Benefits

Core benefits typically consist of group major medical insurance, dental insurance, and group term life insurance. Premiums for these core benefits are usually paid for by the employer, although in many cases at least a portion of the premium is paid for by the employees.

Non-Core Benefits

From the perspective of the Benefit Professional, non-core benefits can be further broken down into ancillary and worksite products. Ancillary products are usually thought of as group short and long-term disability income coverage and optional group term life insurance.The disability income products may be sold as an employer-paid benefit, a voluntary employee-paid benefit, or as a combination of a base employer-paid benefit with an option for the employees to buy-up to a high benefit. Worksite products have historically consisted of a variety of individual insurance policies that are paid for entirely by the employee through payroll deduction. These policies may be life insurance policies, cancer insurance, accident insurance, short-term disability income, critical illness, and limited medical benefit plans. Today, many carriers are introducing many of these same products on a group basis so that they can offer lower premiums, guarantee issue of coverage, and simplified enrollment procedures. 

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